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¡Hola estudiantes de español! Bienvenido al departamento de español en la Academia Scholé. 

Welcome to the Spanish Department at Scholé Academy, an area we continue to grow. For the last several years we’ve limited our Spanish instruction to only lower-school courses. This year we’ve adding a middle-school Spanish 1, as well as an immersion-style high school Spanish course for students who already have some formal study in Spanish. We’re excited to build this program which trains students in the fundamentals of grammar and pronunciation, but also provides opportunities for them to gain command of the language through the immersion-style courses.  

The lower-school and middle-school Spanish classes both use the Spanish For Children series. It should be noted that the middle-school students will progress through the material much more rapidly (covering the entire SFCA book in one year, rather than splitting it into two years). We encourage each parent to read the course descriptions and target grade levels carefully when making a decision regarding the course selections.

Culture is the fruit of education, that early on impresses on children the ideas of virtue and honor.

—H.S. Geril, The Anti-Emile

LS Spanish for Children A-1

LS Spanish for Children A-2

MS Spanish for Children A

MS Spanish for Children B

Spanish 1 Immersion (Coming Soon)

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