This Is not Our Team

We like technology—but not this much.

Our Administrative Team

Christopher Perrin


Christopher has been part of the renewal of classical education around the U.S. for the past nineteen years, serving first as the head of a classical school, then as a consultant and publisher. Christopher is responsible for teacher hiring and training.

Emily Price


Emily works with our teachers, parents, and students to ensure smooth enrollment and communication, and provide support throughout the school year.

Rebecca James

VP of Sales and Marketing

Rebecca is a talented marketing and sales executive with years of experience in the renewal of classical education. Rebecca directs the sales and marketing of Scholé Academy.

Stuart Dum

Web Developer

Stuart is a professional computer programmer and web developer who ensures that our website runs smoothly and easily, employing great technology that serves our mission of delivering restful learning—online.

Our Faculty

Joelle Hodge, Senior Teacher, holds a BA in history/political science from Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania. She began her career as a staffer to United States Senator Arlen Specter (R-Pa) before finding her professional home in the world of classical education in 1999. She has more than eighteen years of logic-teaching experience—many of which were spent at a classical school in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. There she also developed much of their logic and rhetoric curricula. She has coauthored two logic books, The Art of Argument: An Introduction to the Informal Fallacies and The Discovery of Deduction: An Introduction to Formal Logic, both published by Classical Academic Press. Currently, Classical Academic Press hosts Joelle’s consultant offerings, where she engages with educators across the country, tailoring workshops for classical schools and co-ops that seek to train their teachers in the fundamentals of dialectic, and rhetoric-stage pedagogy. Through Scholé Academy, she continues to offer online courses in math, logic, and rhetoric, as well as a course in student-skills development (How To Be a Student). Joelle also serves as Senior Teacher for Scholé Academy, where she not only continues to offer courses, but also assists other SA teachers in developing their most productive and inspiring classrooms. Concurrently, Joelle provides year-round, private, multidiscipline tutoring services to a classically educated family living abroad.

Anthony Thomas graduated with high honors in 2012 from Ave Maria University, where he double-majored in classics and literature. He received a master of arts in classics from the University of Kentucky and is currently pursuing his PhD in classics at the University of Minnesota. He taught Latin to junior high and high school students at the Rhodora J. Donahue Academy and has also taught Latin to college students. He is always interested in helping students go deeper into the depths of wisdom and experience found in classical literature. Mr. Thomas offers one-on-one Latin tutoring at Scholé Academy.

Emily Gerard is a graduate of Gordon College (BA Political Science and Philosophy) and The Johns Hopkins University (MA Government). She has taught philosophy, rhetoric, and Latin for the past five years, most recently at a classical school in downtown York, Pennsylvania. Mrs. Gerard currently lives in York with her husband and their young daughter and border collie.

Emily Price, eLearning Coordinator and Lower School Writing: Emily Price earned her BA in philosophy and English literature from Messiah College. As an undergraduate, she spent a semester studying literature and philosophy at the University of Oxford, where she earned the de Jager Prize for academic performance. She served as a teaching assistant for undergraduate courses in literature and writing while at Messiah College and has been teaching and tutoring writing for the last four years. She currently serves as eLearning Coordinator at Classical Academic Press and is delighted to bring her enthusiasm for writing, thinking, and learning to Scholé Academy as a writing instructor again this year.

Gaylan DuBose, Upper School Latin: Gaylan DuBose graduated with high honors from the University of North Texas in 1964. His major was English and his minors were Latin and history. He received a master of arts in classics from the University of Minnesota, to which he had received a fellowship in 1970. He retired from teaching in May 2010 after forty-seven years in the classroom. During his career, he was chosen as teacher of the year twice at Travis High School and once at Westwood High School. Since retiring he has continued to tutor individual students in Latin and Greek and works also with elementary school students, tutoring them in reading and mathematics. Gaylan has taught upper-school Latin online at Scholé Academy since its founding in 2014. He is also the choir director, organist, and minister of music at St. Augustine Orthodox Church in Pflugerville, Texas. He lives in Austin, Texas, with his two wonderful dogs, Tacita and Chico. Mr. DuBose teaches Latin 1–4 at Scholé Academy.

Studying mathematics is useful and necessary, but Grace Prensner does it for joy. After being classically educated at Covenant Christian Academy, Grace studied mathematics, philosophy, and music at Grove City College, where she also served as a tutor and teaching assistant for math, logic, and physics courses. Grace enjoys sharing her joy for mathematics by teaching math in a way that exercises creativity and satisfies curiosity. Ms. Prensner teaches and tutors students in Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus through Scholé Academy.

Joanne Schinstock earned a BA in journalism from Creighton University and a master in humanities from the University of Dallas. After studying a year abroad focusing on Italian language and culture in Florence, Italy, she began her teaching career as a middle school classroom instructor in language arts. While working at The Highlands School (Irving, Texas), she was the co-chair of the English department and a middle- and upper-school English instructor, teaching classes that included advanced placement language and composition and journalism. The Dallas Catholic Diocese recognized Joanne as a Work of Heart Award recipient, honoring outstanding teachers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Joanne also obtained an adjunct professor of humanities position at Brookhaven College in the School of Arts and Sciences (Farmers Branch, Texas). From classroom teaching, her interests in the profession expanded to work in curriculum writing and professional development as a consultant for primary and secondary schools in North America and Manila, Philippines. Subsequently, she worked as a language arts instructor and curriculum coordinator for a 6-12th grade all-girls charter school in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her duties included work with the Tennessee Charter School Association as an advocate for students, parents, and community members engaging in advocacy for disadvantaged students from lower socio-economic backgrounds. Joanne took a reprieve from teaching after seven years to give time to her children and husband. She and her husband, Brad, currently reside in Grand Prairie, Texas, with their children. They find joy in forging their family culture in homeschooling in the classical Christian tradition, participating in their church community, and delighting in weekend family outings. Mrs. Schinstock teaches Writing & Rhetoric Years 3–5 at Scholé Academy.

Jon McCord serves as the headmaster of Veritas Preparatory School in Greenville, South Carolina—a university model school where he teaches Latin and logic. Jon has worked in churches, ministries, and schools teaching Sunday school, Bible studies, and academic classes throughout his career. He earned his BA in Biblical Languages from Moody Bible Institute and his MA in Biblical Exegesis from Wheaton College. Before coming to Veritas in 2014, Mr. McCord served as a teacher and headmaster at a classical Christian school in Chicago for seven years. Besides reading and writing, Jon enjoys gardening, fishing, and playing music. Jon and his wife, Lesley, have three sons. Mr. McCord teaches Latin 1 and 2 at Scholé Academy.

Margaret Weaver holds a BS in elementary education from Lock Haven University. She has been tutoring students for the past nineteen years and has been working with homeschoolers for the past ten years as a teacher, consultant, course of study coordinator, and evaluator. She is currently in her tenth year as a homeschool mom. Mrs. Weaver was a Latin and Greek student with the Lancaster Center for Classical Studies under the tutelage of Peter and Laurie Brown. She also teaches Latin to upper-school students and adults locally. Mrs. Weaver offers tutoring in Latin for Children Primers A–C at Scholé Academy, and she enjoys bringing her love of learning to the live, online classroom as she guides her students on their Latin journey!

Monica Chilbert was classically educated at Covenant Christian Academy in Harrisburg, PA. She went on to earn her BA in philosophy from The Templeton Honors College at Eastern University in St. Davids, PA. During her undergraduate studies, she spent a semester at the University of Oxford studying Aristotle’s Metaphysics and the life and works of J.R.R. Tolkien and falling in love with England. Monica then went on to teach literature, composition, and Latin at Trivium Preparatory Academy, a K–12 classical school in Arizona for several years before joining the Scholé Academy faculty. Mrs. Chilbert teaches Latin, grammar, and writing for Scholé Academy.

Rose Spears graduated from New Saint Andrews College in 2005 and has been teaching Latin and other classes at the elementary and secondary levels for over seven years. In her spare time she runs a publishing company, writes historical novels, and plays the piano. Rose and her husband, David, live in the Portland, Oregon, area with their four boys, three fish, and one gecko. Mrs. Spears tutors upper-school Latin at Scholé Academy.

Roxanne Ferlmann graduated summa cum laude in 2014 from Ave Maria University with a BA in Classics and Early Christian Literature and a minor in Theology. She then pursued graduate studies in Latin Philology at the University of Arizona, and taught two semesters of Latin 101 in her time there. Whether teaching or tutoring, she loves helping students and seeing the light of understanding appear in their eyes when they learn new concepts. She is also the editor of a homily collection, I Have Someone to Tell You: A Jesuit Heralds the Gospel, by Fr. Robert McTeigue, SJ. Roxanne and her husband Jim live in an oasis in the desert in Lake Havasu City, AZ.

Sarah Foose is a fluent and enthusiastic Spanish speaker and an experienced Spanish teacher. She enjoys the language-learning process in its own right and loves sharing this love with her students. Her Spanish journey began when she was young, continued at Duke University where she was a Spanish major, and came to fruition with a second major in Latino Studies, two stints studying abroad in Southern Mexico, and various interpreting, missions, and immigrant advocacy roles as an adult. Sarah has taught Spanish to grades 3 through 10, privately and at a classical school in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She has also taught dialectic and rhetoric school math, history, logic, literature, and ESL literature. Sarah loves Spanish grammar but enjoys even more the beauty of cross-cultural relationships made possible by a common language—this is what Spanish class is ultimately about! She and her husband, Jeremy, have two young, bilingual children, Leah and Annie, and live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Sarah’s other passions include a gospel lifestyle, food, and the great outdoors. Mrs. Foose teaches Spanish for Children A and B at Scholé Academy.

Sara McGahey earned her bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from The Georgia Institute of Technology. She worked in the semiconductor industry as a designer before she turned her attention toward raising her family and homeschooling her five children. Sara has cultivated her passion for the classical Christian tradition over the past fifteen years. Serving as both the director of a local co-op and a support manager for other directors, she has delighted in training, counseling, and exhorting others in the homeschool community both one-on-one and through speaking engagements. Over the past seven years, Sara has taught English to homeschool students using a variety of curricula. This experience includes two years teaching online for Veritas Scholars Academy. She fell in love with the Writing & Rhetoric curriculum in 2015 when she began implementing it with her own children. She appreciates the focus on story, creativity, logic, and strong sentence structure. Sara desires to come alongside parents as they lay a foundation of biblical truth in the lives of their children and is grateful for the opportunity to share her love of Writing & Rhetoric through the tutoring process.

Shelly Johnson, PhD, earned her doctorate in philosophy at the University of Kentucky with a specialty in social and political philosophy. She teaches logic and introductory philosophy courses at University of Kentucky. Before returning to graduate school, Shelly taught middle and high school for sixteen years, twelve of which were in a classical school in Lexington, Kentucky. She originally earned a degree in secondary English education from Malone University before earning an MEd from Covenant College and a masters in philosophy from the University of Kentucky. She lives in Lexington with her husband, John, and her cat, Jax, and enjoys reading, writing, juggling, hula-hooping, and watching movies! Dr. Johnson teaches Persuasive Writing: The Argument Builder and Everyday Debate at Scholé Academy.

Tim McIntosh, M.A., has been a tutor at Gutenberg College since 2008, and he became provost in 2016. He received his B.A. from Bryan College (TN) and his M.A. in Theology from Reformed Theological Seminary. In addition to teaching writing to Gutenberg freshmen and sophomores, he is a playwright, screenwriter, and actor. His play Søn of Abraham received a “Best New Plays” award, and the film of his screenplay Mandie was released by Kalon Media in spring 2009. He has taught great books courses at Gutenberg College since 2008. Tim is also featured on the book club podcast Close Reads, produced by the CiRCE Institute.

Zoë Endicott grew up in a small classical school in Harrisburg, PA where she learned to love writing, reading, and classical education. She went on to study English at Grove City College where she managed an interdisciplinary literary magazine and wrote many, many papers. Zoë is the author of A Student’s Guide to Classical Education as well as two chapbooks of poetry. Zoë holds a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Villanova University and lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband and rescue dog, Willow. They are all three joyfully expecting a baby this fall.