Our Administrative Team

Christopher Perrin


Christopher has been part of the renewal of classical education around the U.S. for the past nineteen years, serving first as the head of a classical school, then as a consultant and publisher. Christopher is responsible for teacher hiring and training.

Joelle Hodge


Jolie is a veteran classical educator, the author of several award-winning logic texts, and a mentor and trainer of classical teachers. As principal, she provides academic leadership and supervises the development and operations of Scholé Academy.

David Rosentrater

Assistant to the Principal

David works with our teachers, parents, and students to ensure a smooth experience from enrollment to course completion.  Please feel free to email David with your questions: drosentrater@classicalsubjects.com

Our Faculty

Joelle Hodge, Principal, holds a BA in history/political science from Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania. She began her career as a staffer to United States Senator Arlen Specter (R-Pa) before finding her professional home in the world of classical education in 1999. She has more than eighteen years of teaching experience—many of which were spent at a classical school in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. There she also developed much of their logic and rhetoric curricula. She has coauthored two logic books, The Art of Argument: An Introduction to the Informal Fallacies and The Discovery of Deduction: An Introduction to Formal Logic, both published by Classical Academic Press. Currently, Classical Academic Press hosts Joelle’s consultant offerings, where she engages with educators across the country, tailoring workshops for classical schools and co-ops that seek to train their teachers in the fundamentals of dialectic- and rhetoric-stage pedagogy. Since the inception of Scholé Academy, Mrs. Hodge has taught courses across a variety of disciplines, including math, logic, and rhetoric, as well as a course in student-skills development (How To Be a Student). She also served as Senior Teacher for Scholé Academy before stepping into the role of academy principal in 2018.

Edward Kotynski, Chair of Latin Department, grew up as a missionary kid in Indonesia, where his parents were Bible translators. He attributes his love of languages partly to his parents’ work and his childhood experience. He received his BA in ancient languages from Wheaton College in Illinois in 2004, and his MA in classical languages from Vanderbilt University in Tennessee in 2007. Mr. Kotynski has been teaching Latin and Greek for the last fourteen years, mostly at classical Christian schools. He loves sharing his passion for the ancient languages with his students, weaving in historical context and modern connections. He has edited two volumes of Latin Alive! for Classical Academic Press and has also been working on their Greek for Children series with Erin Valdez. He is very excited to be joining Scholé Academy this year. Besides Latin and Greek, Mr. Kotynski enjoys playing soccer, unicycling, and playing board games. He lives with his wife, five children, and two cats, enjoying the craziness of life together.  ekotynski@scholeacademy.com

Adam Lockridge, Mentor Teacher, is an experienced classical educator who was raised in Olathe, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City. It was there that he met his wife, Rachel, who continues to be his greatest blessing and encouragement. They met in high school and were married as students at the University of Kansas, where Adam studied philosophy and Rachel studied art education. In addition to studying together at KU, Rachel and Adam spent their second year of marriage as Fellows at the Trinity Forum Academy in Maryland. He later taught upper school humanities at a classical school in Tennessee for seven years. At KU, Adam was first exposed to many of the writers who would later inspire his teaching—especially Plato and the other Greek philosophers. He went on to complete his master’s degree in philosophy at the University of Memphis.  alockridge@scholeacademy.com

Deacon Aaron Taylor completed his BA in Religion and Russian at Oklahoma City University, followed by graduate studies in Moral Theology at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Throughout his career, he has taught Latin, Greek, Logic, New Testament, and Late Antique, Medieval, Renaissance, and Modern Great Books for the last 8 years at the Academy of Classical Christian Studies in Oklahoma City, OK. Deacon Aaron was ordained in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia in 2012, and serves at St. Benedict Orthodox Church in Oklahoma City. His wife, Brighid Allison Taylor, is a musician and choir teacher, and he has three children—Elisabeth, Nicholas, and Benjamin.

Abigail Alberti graduated from Hillsdale College with a degree in American studies. Propelled to pursue her love of great books, she earned an M.A. in liberal arts from St. John’s College where she wrote her master’s essay on The Brothers Karamazov. Discovering a natural home in the universe of classical education, Abigail has seven years’ experience in classical Christian schools. She has worked with students from fourth to twelfth grade and taught courses on the history of western civilization, ancient Greek and Roman literature, beginning and intermediate Latin, grammar, writing, and pre-algebra. Alongside her career in classical education, Abigail has four years’ experience in helping non-profits achieve their missions through effective fundraising, development, and event-planning. Abigail currently serves as the part-time Director of College Counseling at Covenant Classical School in Fort Worth. She lives with her husband in Texas, and she loves literature, baseball, and the idea of gardening.  aalberti@scholeacademy.com

Allison Scheidegger earned her BA in literature with a minor in classics from Patrick Henry College. She served two years as a Latin teacher for Providence Preparatory Academy, a Scholé Community in Northern Virginia. After thereby discovering that she loved teaching languages, Allison dove into the world of online teaching. In all her experiences tutoring and teaching Latin, Allison’s favorite part has been showing students the wonders of Latin. Allison has always loved taking things apart to find out how they work, and then putting them back together to be used anew. Language is the most exciting example of such functional beauty, so it makes sense that one of her favorite pastimes is learning and teaching languages. Whether through the concise beauty of an ablative absolute or the fun of using complementary infinitives, Allison hopes to infect her students with awe at God’s amazing gift of language. She wants to give students the tools to understand, appreciate, and creatively employ language. ascheidegger@scholeacademy.com

Amanda Reeves has a B.A. in Greek and Latin from Stanford University where she received recognition in her department both for her enthusiasm for the classical world as well as her excellence in scholarship. After finishing her degree, she spent a year living abroad in Rome, Italy, designing and facilitating short-term study abroad programs for students studying Latin through the Paideia Institute for Humanistic Study. Currently, Amanda is back in Italy serving at Rome Baptist Church as a ministry intern and enjoys keeping her interest in the ancient world current by working with elementary, middle, and high school Latin students. Having learned Latin online herself, Amanda is passionate about distance learning and enjoys integrating traditional grammar and translation methods with spoken Latin to produce the best educational experience for her students. She has taught and tutored Latin online for the last seven years and particularly enjoys seeing how each unique student’s personality shapes the learning environment. When she is not exploring the many corners of Rome, she spends her time waxing poetic about the Parthenon Marbles and Stanford football, always with a strong cup of coffee in hand.

Amy Morgan earned her B.A. in Liberal Arts at St. John’s College in Annapolis, MD and continued her education with an M.A. in TESOL/Applied Linguistics at Indiana University in Bloomington. For over 17 years, Amy has taught English to speakers of other languages in the university, community, and private tutoring contexts. Additionally, Amy has enjoyed educating her own two children at home in grades PreK-8 and teaching the K/1 Sunday School class at her church. When Amy’s not doing her favorite thing, teaching (after all, isn’t family vacation even just a bigger “field trip”?) you might find her smiling at the antics of her backyard chickens, cooking family meals, or reading aloud with her family.  amorgan@scholeacademy.com

Claudia Jackson has a BS in biology education from the University of Central Oklahoma and is an experienced upper school science instructor. Claudia is also a very active member of her church, where she has taught religious education for over a decade, led a number of book studies for mothers, and participated in many bible studies herself. She enjoys helping her husband and their eleven children find beauty and joy in whatever endeavors may come their way. cjackson@scholeacademy.com

Charissa Sethman holds a B.S. in Philosophy and Religion from Covenant College near Chattanooga, TN, where she resides with her husband, Michael, and their five children. Mrs. Sethman brings to the classroom more than a decade combined of classical teaching experience in home-education and tutorial settings. With a passion for Classical and liberal arts education, she relishes the order and beauty of language, mathematics, and music and finds great satisfaction in reading and writing a well-turned composition. Her interests extend further to the visual arts and to music, having taught art studio and a lecture series on the cultural heritage of the West. Charissa aims to help students do good, careful work unto mastery while also allowing time for restful, worshipful contemplation of great ideas. Her passion is to help her students to enjoy truth and to know and love God through their experiences with beautiful and good things.  csethman@scholeacademy.com

Erin Davis Valdez was a homeschooled student from kindergarten through high school.  She graduated from Hillsdale College with a B.A. in classics (Latin and Greek languages and literature).  She spent her junior year studying Greek (modern and ancient), Latin, and archaeology at the College Year in Athens.  She served as a volunteer excavator at the American School of Classical Studies’ excavation at the Agora, the ancient marketplace of Athens for three seasons.  In 2003, she earned her M.A. in classics from the University of California, Santa Barbara.
She taught Latin and Greek in classical Christian and charter schools for eleven years, with a short break in the middle to run an independent tutoring company where she worked with students both in person and online. The first school where she taught was Grace Academy in her hometown of Georgetown, Texas.  There, her colleague Karen Moore introduced her to Classical Academic Press.  They went on to co-author the Latin for Children history readers (Primers B&C).  With Edward Kotynski, Mrs. Valdez is completing the Greek for Children series for Classical Academic Press.
During her years of teaching, one of her favorite activities was coaching students in Junior Classical League competitions, including certamen (Latin Quiz Bowl) and various written tests.  She also developed some materials to assist students in their review for the National Latin Exam and National Greek Exam.  She’s eager to help students interested in preparing for any of these activities or competitions.
Mrs. Valdez enjoys taking her dog, Buckley, on long walks, reading biographies, poetry, and books on neuroscience and technology, and cooking food from a variety of culinary traditions.  She and her husband live in Fort Worth, Texas.  evaldez@scholeacademy.com

Emily Gerard is a graduate of Gordon College (BA, political science and philosophy) and The Johns Hopkins University (MA, government). She has taught philosophy, rhetoric, and Latin for the past five years, most recently at a classical school in downtown York, Pennsylvania. Mrs. Gerard currently lives in York with her husband, their young daughter, and a border collie. egerard@scholeacademy.com

Dr. Fransell Riley spent most of her career working as a quantitative analyst. She earned her Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Arlington with every intention of remaining in Corporate America. Though she enjoyed her work, she ultimately responded to an internal call to pursue a passion for educating students, including her own children. Fransell has taught math and science to students of all ages from elementary school to college. While teaching, she noticed that her natural teaching style aligned almost perfectly with the concepts of Classical education. She takes a holistic approach to teaching and involves her students in discussions aimed at developing a deeper understanding of the concept being taught with the desire that student learning extend beyond memorizing algorithms. Fransell has a passion for mathematics and seeks to share that passion with the next generation. Beyond math, Fransell enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons. They are all athletes and nature lovers; they enjoy participating in sports, hiking, exploring nature, and traveling. When they aren’t enjoying God’s creation, you can find them indoors reading or watching reruns from the Star Trek series. friley@scholeacademy.com

Hope Kaboré earned a BS in Civil Engineering with a minor in Math from Texas Tech University and a MEd in Curriculum and Instruction from The University of Texas at San Antonio. Prior to focusing on her family and homeschooling her four children, she worked in commercial land development and then taught math in middle and high school in San Antonio, TX. Seeing the gaps in the traditional school system and curriculum, and longing for her children to experience a classical, Christian education as she had, Mrs. Kaboré was led to Classical Academy Press and Scholé Academy as a parent. She has a passion for helping students see how math is applied to everyday life. Mrs Kaboré is excited to join the faculty of Scholé Academy and currently resides in Houston, TX with her family. hkabore@scholeacademy.com

Jimmy Schambach holds a Master of Divinity from Regent University, and a BA in Theology and Philosophy from Evangel University. Currently, he works as the Executive Director of a faith-based, non-profit organization called M28 Ministry, which operates out of Harrisburg, PA. In his past, Jimmy worked as a Youth and Young Adult Pastor at a large church in Indianapolis, IN. Since his time in college, Jimmy has grown in his love for Philosophy, Logic, and Theology. He as taught in many settings over the years and looks forward to teaching as part of Scholé Academy. Jimmy and his wife, Tristin, live in Camp Hill, PA, where they are expecting their first child in March 2018. jschambach@scholeacademy.com

Joanne Schinstock earned a BA in journalism from Creighton University and a master in humanities from the University of Dallas. After studying a year abroad focusing on Italian language and culture in Florence, Italy, she began her teaching career as a middle school classroom instructor in language arts. While working at The Highlands School (Irving, Texas), she was the co-chair of the English department and a middle- and upper-school English instructor, teaching classes that included advanced placement language and composition and journalism. The Dallas Catholic Diocese recognized Joanne as a Work of Heart Award recipient, honoring outstanding teachers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Joanne also obtained an adjunct professor of humanities position at Brookhaven College in the School of Arts and Sciences (Farmers Branch, Texas). From classroom teaching, her interests in the profession expanded to work in curriculum writing and professional development as a consultant for primary and secondary schools in North America and Manila, Philippines. Subsequently, she worked as a language arts instructor and curriculum coordinator for a 6th-12th grade all-girls charter school in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her duties included work with the Tennessee Charter School Association as an advocate for students, parents, and community members engaging in advocacy for disadvantaged students from lower socio-economic backgrounds. Joanne took a reprieve from teaching after seven years to give time to her children and husband. She and her husband, Brad, currently reside in Grand Prairie, Texas, with their children. They find joy in forging their family culture in homeschooling in the classical Christian tradition, participating in their church community, and delighting in weekend family outings. Mrs. Schinstock teaches Writing & Rhetoric  at Scholé Academy.  jschinstock@scholeacademy.com

Lylah Molnár graduated summa cum laude with a BS in Education from Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL. She taught high school religion before moving abroad with her husband. While working in an international school, she realized how the good, the true, and the beautiful transcend words. Coupled with her desire to form the whole person in virtue and involve the heart as well as the head in education, she found her home in the classical education environment. Lylah spent time teaching at a classical Christian school outside Boston where she was captivated by the joy her students took in learning and the way they challenged themselves to develop their God-given intellectual talents. One of Lylah’s pastimes is learning Hungarian, her husband’s native language. Working to master this language as an adult, she has learned the importance of attentive listening and imitation of others in the learning process.  As she continues her career in classical education, Mrs. Molnár is excited to share with the students at Scholé Academy the fruitfulness of a similar approach as they strive to become successful writers.  lmolnar@scholeacademy.com

Maria Overy completed a BA in Classics at King’s College London and a post-graduate diploma in Theology at Blackfriars Hall, Oxford. She is an alumna of the Accademia Vivarium Novum in Rome, where her love of Latin was ignited, and has taught Latin for the Iris project and for the Oxford Latinitas Project, specializing in the sermo vivus (“living speech”) method of Hans Orberg’s Lingua Latina per se Illustrata course. As an adolescent she developed the desire to educate herself in Philosophy, Literature, and the Classical languages, to carve out for herself a Classical education, despite the lack of providers in the UK. She completed a diploma in Perennial Philosophy with the Temenos Academy, during which she came to know and love the principle of learning “from not merely about” the great writers of our tradition. Music is one of Ms. Overy’s dearest hobbies: she has worked in the music department of St. Paul’s Cathedral School, she plays folk and classical violin, and she sings and improvises jazz. Ms. Overy is very excited to share a love for Latin, the key to our literary and philosophical heritage, under the auspices of an institution that aspires to the highest standards in humanistic education.  movery@scholeacademy.com

Margaret Weaver holds a BS in education from Lock Haven University. She has nearly 22 years of experience as an educator, having begun her career as a private reading and math tutor. For the past 13 years Mrs. Weaver, through her company, Stand Firm Educational Service, has been dedicated to work with local home school families as a teacher, consultant, course of study coordinator, and evaluator. She began her journey toward classical education when she took on the responsibility of educating her own children. Under the tutelage of Peter and Laurie Brown of Lancaster Center of Classical Studies Mrs. Weaver added to her love of languages Latin and Greek. She is continuing her own classical studies as a student of Classical Academic Press ClassicalU. She looks forward to continuing to bring her love of learning to the live, online classroom as she guides her students on their Latin journey!  mweaver@scholeacademy.com

Mark Pickering, MS, Mathematics Education and Instructional Technology, has taught for more than 20 years in various academic settings in the United States and internationally, specifically India and West Africa. He is dual certified in mathematics and social science and has additional teaching experience in Spanish and physics. He particularly enjoys teaching pre-calculus and AP calculus and has significant experience teaching algebra and geometry. Mark also has classical teaching experience and homeschooled his daughter in the classical approach. His education includes ABD doctoral curriculum in mathematics curriculum and instruction and his research investigated teaching methodology and factors influencing girls in STEM-related education and career pursuit. Mark hails originally from Chicago and continues to root for the Bears and Cubs. He and his wife are both Wheaton College (IL) graduates and currently live in east TN where they enjoy country living and hiking with their two children. Mark’s gratitude for God’s faithfulness inspires his commitment to teaching in a way that points others to His perfect inventive order.

Mary Taneyhill, is a Latin teacher and mom. In her first six years of teaching she developed a dynamic Latin middle school program, inspired students to love Latin through precise and creative teaching methods, devoted her planning time to tutoring struggling students, and led students to be highly successful on the AP Latin Literature, AP Vergil and the AP Latin test. After her first child was born she switched to primarily online tutoring so as to be at home with him during the day. Since then she has had experience teaching online, in the classroom, and for homeschoolers. She continues to foster her love of Latin by tutoring, teaching, editing and translating. Mary graduated summa cum laude, with the highest GPA in the class of 2007 at University of Dallas. She received a B.A. in Classical Philology in Latin, with a minor in Greek. Mary has experience with and love for teaching students of all ages, from preschool to college-age. Mary loves to break down the problems of a difficult language for students and continually seek to find new ways to make the hardest things understandable to them. From years of experience working with over 300 students she is able to diagnose and solve the problems a student is having in Latin. She uses a variety of techniques (work on rote memory, songs, drills, grammar analysis, etc.) to improve a student’s ability in the language. Mary communicates a student’s progress to the student’s family regularly and honestly.
What more can a person do than be mom and teacher? But sometimes there is time for her other loves: trail running and dreaming of more trail running, reading another Ladies Detective Agency novel, learning and sharing history through the imagination of a spunky four-year-old and a speedy two-year-old. Peace and all good!  mtaneyhill@scholeacademy.com

Dr. Michael Robinson is an engineer, teacher, and lover of the arts. As an engineer, he develops new ways for people to interact with computer-controlled machines. He holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Penn State and has researched assistive devices for the blind and algorithms for autonomous vehicles. He has taught at a middle school, and at colleges in the United States and Africa. He also sojourns in the world of art by writing code to create visual works, which he hopes might help us better understand our experiences. He and his wife, Gabrielle, live in State College, Pennsylvania.  mrobinson@scholeacademy.com

Monica Chilbert was classically educated at Covenant Christian Academy in Harrisburg, PA. She went on to earn her BA in philosophy from The Templeton Honors College at Eastern University. During her undergraduate studies, she spent a semester at the University of Oxford studying Aristotle’s Metaphysics and the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and falling in love with England. Monica has always been a language-lover, but it wasn’t until she took a year of Koine Greek in college that she decided to pursue a career in learning and teaching languages. Monica went on to teach literature, writing, grammar, and Latin at Trivium Preparatory Academy, a classical school in Arizona, for several years. This will be her second year teaching Latin with Scholé Academy. She is overjoyed for the opportunity to share her own enthusiasm for the order and complexity of language with her students. Monica lives near Philadelphia with her husband, their son, and their Australian shepherd-border collie mix.  mchilbert@scholeacademy.com

Phaedra Shaltanis is a seasoned classical educator with twenty years of experience teaching in the classical tradition. Her experience includes home-educating her four children, teaching in private schools, creating a classical curriculum for young learners, serving as a leader in various programs, and mentoring parents and teachers in classical education. Phaedra cherishes conversations built on God’s truth and strives to engage others through discourse, particularly in the areas of literature and history. She hopes to encourage her students toward a stronger ardor for language as they seek after God and treasure their membership in Christ’s kingdom.  pshaltanis@scholeacademy.com

Rebecca Jekel is a graduate of the Templeton Honors College at Eastern University in Pennsylvania, where she earned a double major in mathematics and PPE (philosophy, politics, and economics). Upon graduation, Rebecca moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where she taught high school mathematics at a classical school for several years. This experience gave her a deeper appreciation for both the challenge of teaching and the beauty of mathematics. In the fall of 2017, she moved back to Pennsylvania, where she and her husband currently reside. As she continues her career as a classical high school mathematics educator, Mrs. Jekel is thankful to be doing work that is beautiful, challenging, and rewarding.  rjekel@scholeacademy.com

Ryan Klein began to love learning when he encountered the Great Books of the Western Tradition in college. After a few years exploring Homer, Plato, Augustine, Aquinas, Austen, and Wittgenstein, he realized he’d found a conversation he wanted to spend the rest of his life discovering. He’s since received a B.A. in Philosophy from the Templeton Honors College of Eastern University, and he’s studied for a time at Oxford University. He’s recently returned to Templeton to work on his Masters of Teaching in Classical Education, which he’s loving so far. Ryan believes everyone can benefit from studying the Western Tradition, including students who have not fit into the structures of conventional public education. He loves to work through big ideas with students both one-on-one and in small groups, and he is passionate about classical education – especially the practice of seminar. He is deeply interested in philosophy, theology, logic, writing, and literature. When not in school, he likes to read, cook, explore the Pacific Northwest, build computers, and befriend cats. (He likes dogs too, but cats are his true specialty.)  rklein@scholeacademy.com

Sarah Foose is a fluent and enthusiastic Spanish speaker and an experienced Spanish teacher. She enjoys the language-learning process in its own right and loves sharing this love with her students. Her Spanish journey began when she was young, continued at Duke University where she was a Spanish major, and came to fruition with a second major in Latino Studies, two stints studying abroad in Southern Mexico, and various interpreting, missions, and immigrant advocacy roles as an adult. Sarah has taught Spanish to grades 3 through 10, privately and at a classical school in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She has also taught dialectic and rhetoric school math, history, logic, literature, and ESL literature. Sarah loves Spanish grammar but enjoys even more the beauty of cross-cultural relationships made possible by a common language—this is what Spanish class is ultimately about! She and her husband, Jeremy, have two young, bilingual children, Leah and Annie, and live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Sarah’s other passions include a gospel lifestyle, food, and the great outdoors. Mrs. Foose teaches Spanish for Children A and B at Scholé Academy.  sfoose@scholeacademy.com

Timothy McIntosh, MA, received his BA from Bryan College (Tennessee) and his MA in theology from Reformed Theological Seminary. Before he joined the Scholé Academy faculty, Mr. McIntosh served as a Great Books tutor and later as the provost at Gutenberg College in Eugene, Oregon. In addition to his work as a classical educator, Mr. McIntosh is a playwright, screenwriter, and actor. His play Søn of Abraham received a “Best New Plays” award, and the film of his screenplay Mandie was released by Kalon Media in the spring of 2009. Timothy is also featured on the book club podcast Close Reads, produced by the CiRCE Institute.  tmcintosh@scholeacademy.com

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