About Scholé Academy

Scholé Academy offers live, online courses that pair a classical curriculum with the pedagogy of restful learning embodied by the concept of scholé. Our instructors foster deep engagement to cultivate learning that lasts.

Scholé Academy courses are . . .


Classical education is a long tradition that has emphasized the seeking after of truth, goodness, and beauty, and the study of the liberal arts and the great books. As a classical academy, we offer courses on classical subjects and employ a classical pedagogy, which seeks to form virtue in students and teaches them how to think and how to learn.


We believe excellence in academics need not be frenetic or dry and boring. Instead, our teachers create an atmosphere of restful learning by modeling peace, tranquility, love of the subject, and unrushed learning. Our courses facilitate meaningful, deep engagement, so that learning becomes memorable, enjoyable, and permanent—all within the cloister of the Christian faith.



Our classes meet in a live, online format twice per week. Students see and hear their instructor and their peers, facilitating an engaging class environment. Our teachers lead interactive class sessions in which they encourage and facilitate class discussion as a path to understanding and mastery.


We limit our class size to fifteen students to ensure that students receive quality personal attention and individualized feedback. Our instructors work to see each student master the skills at hand. To this end, Scholé Academy teachers provide their students with thoughtful instruction in live sessions and during optional office hours as well as through insightful, personal comments on students’ work.

We offer courses in . . .












Resources & Support

In order to ensure that students, parents, and teachers are served well, we offer the following resources and services:

The Scholé Academy Handbook: Find a clear description of our policies and how Scholé Academy operates here.


FAQ: View answers to frequently asked questions here.

Academic Calendar: Find our term schedules and holidays here.

The Scholé Academy Support Line: We are ready to respond to your call or e-mail. You may e-mail us at scholesupport@classicalsubjects.com, or call at 866-730-0711.

Scholé Academy Offers…


We know that good, clear and regular communication are needed to create an excellent experience for parents, students and teachers.  This is why Scholé Academy provides quick, responsive and cheerful support to parents and teachers within one business day. We have provided ample and clear resources for parents and students right on this website, and our teachers are available to both parents and students. 


We are committed to classical pedagogy that is restful, blending challenge harmoniously with capacity, ensuring delight and sustained learning.The concept of scholé cuts across the grain of modern education and therefore takes a principled commitment to the ideal in order to be implemented and realized. We provide Scholé Group members with a variety of educational and practical resources for understanding and implementing scholé in their homeschool communities.


We value the fellowship and camaraderie of friends laboring together and believe we learn best in community with kindred spirits. We work to create meaningful relationships online among students, parents and teachers.  Our teachers are trained to employ “liturgical learning” fosters a restful, communal context for discussion, inquiry and learning. 


We set learning goals that challenge students without exhausting them or breeding pride or anxiety.  Our resources, community, and support help students and families achieve their educational goals. Our experienced teachers continue to develop as classical educators by means of observation and coaching and by means of the teacher training courses provided on ClassicalU.com.  

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