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Restful, Classical, Learning, Online. Scholé Academy offers live, online courses that pair a classical curriculum with the pedagogy of restful learning (scholé). Our instructors foster deep engagement to cultivate learning that lasts.

Learning Like Mary in the Age of Martha

~by Devin O'Donnel~ “Man can get used to anything, the scoundrel!” So says Dostoyevsky in more than one of his novels. This observation of human nature does not pertain merely to morality or psychology. It relates to anything human. And when it comes to education—yes,...

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Hearing the Whole Symphony

~ by Cass Jackson ~ I am sure I’m not the only high school student who has sometimes felt as if everything we do over these four years is shaping us to send in a few pieces of paper with words and numbers somehow meant to quantify and describe our character so we can...

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Summer Reading Selections from The Classical Reader

~ Compiled by Leslie Rayner ~ For all who love the summertime advantage of freedom to read what delights their own interests, nourishes their soul, or simply provides fun and good rest for their minds, The Classical Reader is an excellent resource to peruse for both...

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Looking Along Learning: Discovering the Joy of Language

~ by Allison Scheidegger ~ As a Latin and grammar teacher, I often pose questions to my students such as, “Why is this noun in the dative case?” or “Why is X happening grammatically here?” In response to such why questions, it seems to be the bent of students—and...

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Reflections on Pascha

~ by Fr. Noah Bushelli ~ Christ is Risen! Indeed, He is risen!With these most joyous words, we celebrate the single most important event in history. I’ve been conscientiously preparing for and celebrating Pascha—the Greek word for Passover—for about a quarter of a...

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Revisiting Winter

~ by Phaedra Shaltanis ~ Winter’s warming fires have long ago died and spring is flourishing. The verdant grass, the perfumed air, the burgeoning trees—all pulse with life and promise, balm for the earth that has too long languished in cold slumber. Spring! We welcome...

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The Nativity Sermon of St. John Chrysostom

~ by St. John Chrysostom ~ Behold a new and wondrous mystery. My ears resound to the Shepherd’s song, piping no soft melody, but chanting full forth a heavenly hymn. The Angels sing. The Archangels blend their voice in harmony. The Cherubim hymn their joyful praise....

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Guiding Principles for Math Education

~ by Fransell Riley ~ School days, school days Dear old golden rule days Reading and ‘riting and ‘rithmetic . . . I learned this song in elementary school and sang it every day as I walked to school. I wasn’t entirely sure what “‘rithmetic” was until years later as I...

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Tethered to the Mast

One topic that I routinely hear in conversation, whether at conferences or in parent-teacher meetings as the Scholé Academy principal, revolves around training our students in their scholarship skills: note-taking, diligence, organization, and other such student virtues. The challenge of developing these skills is an issue that unites parents, teachers, and students alike, especially as we move through a new academic year.

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All the Courses Needed for a High School Diploma

After four years of development and growth, Scholé Academy will offer all the courses needed for a high school diploma. This marks a trend in three areas: 1) our own academy with its emphasis on classical and restful learning (scholé); 2) the growing renewal of classical education; and 3) the growth of online education generally.

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