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Happy Father’s Day

~ from Scholé Academy ~

We’re celebrating Father’s Day with a heartfelt salute to the extraordinary fathers who are also teachers at Schole Academy! These remarkable dads embody the spirit of mentorship and guidance, bringing immense benefit and joy to their children and students. With wisdom, dedication, and unique talents, they go beyond academics, nurturing a love for learning and instilling character. They provide invaluable lessons and guidance, benefiting those in their care. Through engaging stories, music, and art, they enrich lives with beauty and laughter. Schole Academy is honored to have these exceptional father-teachers, and on Father’s Day, we express our gratitude for their profound impact. Let us celebrate these guiding lights who shape minds and hearts, inspiring the next generation with their wisdom, love, and dedication. Happy Father’s Day to our extraordinary teacher-fathers at Schole Academy!

Alexander Titus  US New Testament Greek 1 for Beginners, The Triads of St. Gregory Palamas for Adults

Allen Rushing  MS American History, Fantasy Literature in the Life of Modern Christendom

Fr. Benjamin Lee  Christian Formation in the Anglican Way: Catechism Through Liturgy 

Chris Hall  Common Arts I, Part B, Science and the Catholic Church (Fall)

Christian Herring  Writing and Rhetoric 4, LS Classical World History

Christopher Marchand  US Scholarship Skills Summer Program, US American Literature

Dustin Finch  US New Testament Greek 2 Intermediate, MS Greek 3

Eddie Kotynski  Latin 1, Greek 1 in the Great Hall

Jimmy Schambach  Formal Logic: Discovery of Deduction,  Informal Logic: Art of Argument

Matthew Davenport  Travel by Train – US Geography and Culture, Geometry

Michael DeHaven  Astronomy and Holy Scripture: The Heavens Declare(Fall)Catechism Level 4

Michael Roberts Intermediate Portraiture- Spring, Introduction to Portraiture- Fall

Nathan Dickinson  Paul and His Epistles, Cultivating Wisdom with CS Lewis

Nicholas Newman  MS Greek 2, Tolkien Read in the Orthodox Lens

Nicholas Roumas  Byzantine Chant 2

Fr. Nikolai Meyers  Catechism Level 4, Senior Patristics Seminar (Catechism for Seniors)

Fr. Noah Bushelli  Catechism Level 6

Paul Murray  Byzantine Chant 1: Resurrectional Hymns, Byzantine Chant: Adult

Peter Belfry  Informal Logic: Art of Argument, The Art of Computer Programming- Spring

Ross Williams  Music Inside the Mass, Classical Music: Heritage and History

Fr. Timothy Hojnicki  Catechism Level 7

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