Scholé Academy offers live, online courses that pair a classical curriculum with the pedagogy of restful learning (scholé). Our instructors foster deep engagement to cultivate learning that lasts.

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We like that the courses help the students strive for excellence while at the same time keeping them engaged and happy in their work. I truly don’t know how you do this! The balance of rigor and ease is amazing.

—Scholé Academy Parent

We do not have any local Christian classical schools and I love that we have the opportunity to attend one of the best from our own home. Having a little less on my plate allows me to have some space to care for my own soul which is necessary in the marathon of homeschooling.

—Scholé Academy Parent

Scholé Academy has been life-changing for our homeschool. Thank you for introducing my family to the idea of scholé, or restful learning. It is wonderful to learn from a place of rest and peace and joy.

—Scholé Academy Parent

Learn with These Classical Educators

Joelle Hodge

School Principal & Logic Instructor

Tim McIntosh

History & Literature Instructor

Margaret Weaver

Latin Instructor & Tutor

Emily Gerard

Humanities Instructor

Phaedra Shaltanis

Humanities Instructor

Dr. Michael Robinson

STEM Instructor

Amanda Reeves

Latin & Greek tutor, WR Substitute

Adam Lockridge

Humanities Instructor

Dr. Fransell Riley

Mathematics Instructor

Rebecca Jekel

Mathematics Instructor

Amy Morgan

Grammar Tutor

Erin Valdez

Latin & Greek Tutor

Mary Taneyhill

Latin Tutor

Edward Kotynski

Latin Department Chair

Sarah Foose

Spanish Instructor

Jimmy Schambach

Logic Instructor

Monica Chilbert

Latin Instructor

Hope Kaboré

Mathematics Instructor & Tutor

Claudia Jackson

Science Instructor

Joanne Schinstock

Writing Instructor

Charissa Sethman

Writing Instructor & Tutor

Allison Scheidegger

Latin & Grammar Instructor,Tutor

Lylah Molnár

Writing Instructor & Tutor

Maria Overy

Latin Instructor & Tutor

Abigail Alberti

Latin Tutor

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