Special offer from Scholé Academy: CLT8 and CLT10

Scholé Academy and the Classic Learning Test have partnered to bring you a special discounted rate on the CLT-8 test! All current 7th – 10th grade Scholé Academy or St. Raphael School students are eligible! Learn more below.

What’s different about the CLT-8 and the CLT-10?

The folks at the Classic Learning Test design their standardized tests with your home school/private school students in mind. The tests are not aligned with common core objectives or standards; but rather they seek to measure the true nature of classical and liberal arts education. The test results should better reflect what your students are learning in the classroom and at home. They emphasize literature, history, philosophy and religion, but also have sections focusing on math, reasoning and logic.

The CLT-8, and CLT-10 are both great ways for parents, private schools and colleges to assess students’ academic formation and potential. If a student takes the CLT-8 and the CLT-10, other schools and colleges can more accurately measure student growth over the years. It’s also a helpful tool for students to better understand their areas of strength and areas of weakness.

The CLT -10 is a free test for all eligible students.  CLT10 test-takers can send their scores to colleges and make great connections early on in the scouting process.  And, the CLT10 comes with a $2,500 scholarship opportunity!

If you’re interested in learning more, check out the Classic Learning Test site. But, be sure you come back to the Scholé Academy website if you want to take advantage of the special CLT-8 pricing offer.

CLT-8 Special Pricing Offer!

Scholé Academy & St. Raphael School are excited to provide parents with a special pricing offer for the CLT-8. The CLT-8 is open to currently enrolled 7th and 8th graders; and is typically offered to 7th and 8th graders at $44/test, and $12 for the analytics review; a total of $56 per test.

Because Scholé Academy & St. Raphael School have partnered with the CLT, we are able to make a special offer to our families. We can provide our SA and SRS families with the the CLT-8 test and analytics for $40 per student. If you are interested in providing this test to your 7th or 8th grade student, we hope you will take advantage of this bulk rate.

These test are NOT mandatory requirements for SA or SRS students.

Families may elect to participate or pass on the opportunity.


The CLT-8 is a standardized test offered by the Classic Learning Test. It measures:

  1. Verbal Reasoning
  2. Grammar/Writing
  3. Quantitative Reasoning

The CLT8 is an end-of-grade assessment tool designed for 8th-grade students as they prepare for high school. It is designed as an aid for school administrators, teachers, and parents as they help students achieve grade-level academic benchmarks.

While it is designed for 8th grade students, it can also be offered to 7th graders as an assessment tool to monitor student progress between the 7th and 8th grade.

The online CLT8 will be offered on May 8, 2019. The deadline to register for the special pricing through Scholé Academy & St. Raphael School is April 26, 2019. For more information or to sign up, please contact Assistant to the Principal, David Rosentrater.


The CLT10 is the official preparatory exam for the CLT. It is primarily offered to 9th- and 10th-grade students. The CLT10 is an alternative to the PSAT. In terms of academic rigor it is scaled back from the regular CLT (ie, no trigonometry, few level 5 questions).

In addition, the CLT10 is free for all students. Although it is free, students who score within the top 1% are still eligible for $2,500.00 in scholarship money through CLT’s partnership with the National Association of Scholars.Scholarships are only available to 10th-grade students at this time.

The CLT-10 is scheduled for April 11, 2019.  Be sure to note Scholé Academy as your school!

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